The BARREtique Difference

At BARREtique, we believe that your barre class should be:

Innovative – No two classes are ever the same!  Classes are based on the BARREtique Method, but full of endless variations

Fun – Our BARREtique community values the supportive and non-competitive atmosphere in our classes – and our ability to inject a bit of fun and humour into your hour of exercise

Safe – All our classes are uniquely challenging, yet we put correct alignment, positioning and excellent teaching at the heart of every class

Beautiful – BARREtique exercises are designed not only to make you feel great about your body – but to look elegant while doing so!  This isn’t boot camp!

Results Driven  – We know that an hour to exercise is really valuable – we promise to make it worthwhile

What can you expect from BARREtique?

Stay Home – Save A Life:  Online classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic

At BARREtique we adore our barre community, and that is why it is essential that we keep everyone in our community, our families and the wider community well.  At present (the end of March) BARREtique encourages all people to limit time outside their homes and to Stay Home to Save a Life.  Our group exercise classes have a particularly great vibe, and while we know that it will be impossible to replicate that exactly online, we will be hosting online Zoom group classes in the morning, private Zoom classes by appointment, BARREtique Bursts on Instagram in the afternoon, along with our normal videos on YouTube.  Hope to connect with you in one of these formats, get you moving a bit, put a smile on your face, and an ache in your muscles.  

What Makes BARREtique Unique?

An hour at BARREtique gives you a challenging workout to produce long, lean muscles and a more toned physique.  BARREtique fuses the disciplines of ballet, pilates, isometric exercising, yoga and core conditioning.  We work arms, legs, bottoms, and abdominals through mat and ballet barre based exercises. We integrate light weights, playground balls, rings, blocks and bands into the exercises to build strength, work difficult to target areas, and provide effective stretching.

The varied and precise movements are designed for results – toned legs, lifted bottom, flattened abdominals, and defined arms.  The method works muscle groups intensely followed by active stretching.  We aim to increase strength and tone in large and small muscle groups, as well as increase flexibility.  Although most classes are fast paced and designed to keep your heart rate within a targeted zone, they are all non-impact.  The movements are fun and unique; the environment is non-competitive.  We welcome all ages and fitness levels.  The spirit of the class is designed to help you work just that little bit harder than you would on your own!