Sarah Davey  is the owner of BARREtique.  Sarah, along with a former business partner, formed the BARREtique method in 2010 out of their shared passion for barre exercising.  They created a challenging, fun and supportive environment for their clients primarily in Hampstead.  BARREtique has stayed true to the traditional form of barre exercises and focuses on helping clients achieve strengthened and toned bodies.

BARREtique is currently looking to have several new teachers join our teaching roster.  In the short term, we are particularly looking to meet teachers who have current fitness qualifications in the UK and either have a background in barre fitness or are willing to add this to their repertoire.  Teachers must have an excellent technical background and a wonderful ability to motivate students.  If you would like to speak further to Sarah about this opportunity, please email

BARREtique has a recognised teacher training programme that involves both classroom time, class attendance, student teaching, and external assessment of knowledge in anatomy and physiology.  If you are looking for a barre training programme, either on an individual or corporate basis, please contact for more information.