Susanna Maneschi

Susanna Maneschi

Susanna rarely sits still.

She co-owns a European transport and logistics business, based out of her Italian hometown, Livorno.  And at home in Hampstead she has three children and three bonkers cats to keep her busy too.

After seven years as a passionate barre devotee, Susanna jumped at the chance to train to be a teacher under Madeline Dimitroff, with insightful support and guidance from Sarah Davey.

Susanna qualified in BARREtique in 2020 and has already amassed extensive experience having taught classes online throughout the pandemic.  Susanna welcomes everyone to her classes, irrespective of age or ability, with all moves being adapted to suit each client’s individual needs.  Susanna has a desire and love for fitness and strength, placing particular emphasis on flexibility.  She delivers challenging classes in a fun filled environment. Her clients range in age from 16 to 70 years old.

When she does have spare time, Susanna loves nothing more than an early morning spin class singing along to 80’s pop and RnB as she hits 120 rpm – followed by one of Sarah’s classes (Thursday’s Stretch class being a favourite). At weekends, Susanna can be found cooking for and entertaining a large collection of friends and family.  Her favourite holidays involve reading a non-fiction book by a beach, a bar, good food, a warm sea and plenty of sunshine.