Description Price
New Clients Free Trial Zoom Class
Individual Class £7.50
Series of 16 Zoom (or 8 in person) Classes £115.00
Unlimited monthly Pass £125.00

Connections are important these days...

BARREtique has always prided itself in the community of pretty amazing clients who come together around our barre.  I am grateful beyond words that so many clients have made the transition over to Zoom with me, and allowed BARREtique to flourish, you to get stronger, and our mental health to be improved every day when we share a workout together.

But I realise that times are tricky for some and financial worries are present for many people – especially as the months of this uncertainty drag on.  This leads to stress, and stress takes a horrible toll on the body.  At a time when you should be with a community that is supportive and gives a break –  at least for one hour a day – from the pressures of the outside world, I am worried that some people are not joining in for financial reasons.  

BARREtique has quietly supported clients in meaningful ways through this pandemic and will continue to do so.  If you would like to join, but would like to talk about payment arrangements, please reach out.  

BARREtique is a business, but we are foremost a community.  How can we help?