Description Price
New Clients Free Trial Zoom Class
Single Zoom Class £7.50
8 Zoom Only Classes £60.00
Single Studio Class £15.00
Series of 16 Zoom (or 8 in person) Classes £120.00

Welcoming you however it feels right.

BARREtique has always prided itself in the community of pretty amazing clients who come together around our barre.  I am grateful beyond words that so many clients have made the transition over to Zoom during the pandemic, and allowed BARREtique to flourish, you to get stronger, and our mental health to be improved every day when we share a workout together.  As the world emerges into our new normal, it is clear that we all are approaching this in our unique ways.  I would like to encourage you back to the barre in the studio when it feels like the right time for you.  The experience in person is worlds away from that on Zoom.  That won’t meet everyone’s needs right now – and therefore BARREitque will continue to offer studio and Zoom classes to meet the needs of our clients.  You are welcome to join a package that provides you access to both Zoom and in person classes – to be used interchangeably.