Class Schedule on Zoom

BARREtique has thrived online since March 2020.  While we know that it’s not long before we will be back around the barre together in person, for the remainder of summer 2021 BARREtique classes will remain online.    

We are first and foremost an exercise class, but we are also a welcoming community.  Throughout the last year of the pandemic, coming together almost daily has given us the strength physically and mentally to face the challenges that lay ahead.  If you are new to BARREtique you will be welcomed warmly.  If you are learning how our classes work, you can feel free to be on or off camera – whatever you are comfortable with.  If you have injuries that need modifications, please discuss these with your teacher, and we aim to provide modifications to allow all students to exercise safely.  You are always encouraged to take class at your own pace – recognising that everyone is different in their fitness level and exercise journey.  Classes are designed to be suitable to all fitness levels, although we encourage you to stretch yourself and work a bit harder, if that seems right for you!  

Our classes contain verbal set up and alignment cues – expect constant communication.  Therefore we do not have music in the background of our classes – but you are welcome to have a playlist at home.  It is always great when we can see you well on screen, and this enables us to give individual and group corrections and cues to give you the most personal and safest workout possible.  As a student you also much take a greater responsibility to make sure you are fit to exercise, and that you manage any existing or new injuries with care and conservative judgement.  As a rule of thumb on online classes, if something doesn’t feel right, then do not do it.  

BARRE Basics

BARREtique is offering a series of classes termed ‘BARRE Basics’ that are perfect for those who are new to barre or BARREtique – as well as experienced students who would like a greater understanding of our exercises and positions.  These classes will contain less choreography, and more explanation. These are not easy ‘beginners’ classes, but rather classes that focus on form and positioning, understanding where each exercise is working, and there is even more explanation on offer.  As we will be offering this over the summer weeks to all students, it will provide a variety of levels to challenge those new to barre and those very experienced with this technique.  

BARREtique Stretch

This is a fast pace class that multi-tasks through the body groups for 45 minutes.  Think about adding upper body weight work in with leg and abdominals.  We finish with a 15 minute restorative stretch.  Truly one of our favourite classes of the week!  Students working at a more conservative level are always welcome, and will be given specific modifications on how to make exercises less intense.  While the Stretch at the end of the class is always welcome, this is really a class about ‘Stretching’ yourself and the effort you can put in.

To access BARREtique online via Zoom, please email Sarah at . We also welcome you to join our WhatsApp group for the latest BARREtique news and community.

Below is our ‘Regular’ Schedule.  Please note that from late July through August, BARREtique will be running a modified schedule.  Please see the daily schedule for updates.

Monday 8.30am – BARREtique Zoom
10.00am – BARREtique Zoom
6.00pm – BARREtique Zoom
Tuesday 9.30am – BARREtique Zoom
Wednesday 8.30am – BARREtique Zoom
10.00am – BARREtique BARRE Basics Zoom
Thursday 9.30am – BARREtique Stretch Zoom
Friday 8.30am – BARREtique BARRE Basics Zoom
10.00am – BARREtique Zoom
Saturday/Sunday 10.00am – BARREtique Weekend Days Alternate – Check Schedule Zoom

One-to-One and Evening Classes

New to barre?  New to BARREtique?  Need a different time?  Or just some personal attention?  Sarah is happy to offer one-to-one classes through Zoom at a duration and time of your choice, or in person classes in a Covid Secure manner.  Please contact for more information and to discuss rates.