BARREtique to fit your schedule!

BARREtique has always thrived in person, but the pandemic has taught us that we can have equally engaging classes online.  BARREtique now offers our full studio schedule on weekday mornings, along with Zoom classes several times a week.  In addition, our Vimeo video library is available by subscription – offering the flexibility to take class whenever it is convenient.

The pandemic also brought changes to our studio environment that are here to stay and offer everyone a more positive experience.  A few of our new guidelines are:

  • Class size limited to 10 people, booking in advance is advised
  • Fully ventilated studio
  • The room and equipment set up will be along the outside of the room 
  • Please respect everyone and do not attend if you are unwell

Classic BARRE

BARREtique is offering classes termed ‘Classic BARRE’ that are perfect for those who are new to barre or BARREtique – as well as experienced students who would like a more traditional barre class.  These classes will contain less choreography, and more explanation. These are not easy ‘beginners’ classes, but rather classes that focus on form and positioning, understanding where each exercise is working, and there is even more explanation on offer.   

To book into a Studio Class, access BARREtique via Zoom or subscribe to our Vimeo library, please email Sarah at . We also welcome you to join our WhatsApp group for the latest BARREtique news and community.  Below is our regular schedule, please check the current class schedule for any changes – particularly around the holidays.

Monday 8.30am – BARREtique with Sarah Studio
9.45am – BARREtique with Sarah Studio
Tuesday 8.45 – BARREtique with Susanna Zoom
9.15am – BARREtique with Sarah Studio
Wednesday 8.30am – BARREtique Classic BARRE with Sarah Studio
9.45am – BARREtique Classic BARRE with Sarah Studio
Thursday 8.45am – BARREtique with Sarah Zoom
9.15am – BARREtique with Susanna Studio
Friday 8.30am – BARREtique with Sarah Studio
9.45am – BARREtique with Sarah Studio
Sunday 10.00am – BARREtique with Sarah Zoom

One-to-One and Evening Classes

New to barre?  New to BARREtique?  Need a different time?  Or just some personal attention?  Sarah is happy to offer one-to-one classes through Zoom at a duration and time of your choice, or in person classes in a Covid Secure manner.  Please contact for more information and to discuss rates.